How to participate?

  1. Create your user account on PULSAR platform, our connexion partner.
  2. Upload your genetic data to your secure and password protected user account.  Your genetic data is the result of the genetic test you performed with a private company (e.g. 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage). It consists of a text file of your genome, your unique set of genes.
  3. Complete an online questionnaire in your user account in which you will provide your basic demographic information upon registration. This information includes your biological sex and gender, year of birth, place of residence and place of birth.
  4. Optional: If you wish, you may complete another online questionnaire in which you will provide your genealogical information, i.e., your parents’ and grandparents’ first and last names, dates and places of marriage.
  5. Authorize CopaQ to give access to your coded data to Canadian and international researchers. Before providing your authorization, we invite you to read our data confidentiality policies.

How to download your DNA data file ?


From your Ancestry account, select My Account, then clic on DNA et enfin, finally download the DNA data.

You will then receive an email telling you how to download your raw data.


From your MyHeritage account, in DNA, select Download kit.


From your 23andME account, select Browse raw data, clic on Download,. Check the box I understand the limitations and risks associated with uploading my information to third party sites. Clic on Submit request.